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  • App NameMusicat
  • Category Music & Audio
  • Version1.4.8.0
  • Requirement 8.0 or higher
  • File Size98.56 MB
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App Description

Musicat! – A Free DIY Music & Rhythm Game of Cute Cats for Cat LoversBoys and girls! Nice to meet you meow! I’m the newest musician cat here. If I say this is my first music tour with my favorite piano, would you like to join me together? ♥ฅ'ω'ฅAs one of the most interesting free music DIY games, we provide a variety of instruments such as piano tile, guitar, bongo drums, harp, flute, editor... and many other unexpected magic instruments for you to unlock… 🎸This is a cat band and a new tour ready for you to join. No mater you are a boy or girl, let’s start our journey of music and rhythm!In Musicat, there are lots of things you could do with the kitties! 🎵Design your rhythm with your favorite instruments. Use different kinds of instruments which include piano tile and beat editor, and even the funny ones like screaming chicken toy, small car model, and even Acappella of cat, to play your special interesting music! Once you play out the hidden rhythm with the specific instrument, you will be rewarded with a special performance from a lovely cat band! 🎵Practice simple music score and find out the hidden rhythm. You can also practice the simple versions of some famous songs, like Twinkle Stars, London Bridge, etc. Try to play out the complete music in one try. (=^>ω<^=)🎵Challenge traditional music levels. Tap the beat according to the rhythm! Tap the high-lighted tile and follow the beat of the songs, complete the whole music and you will get a special cat performance as a bonus. Each level has a specific rhythm and performance, try to gain a 3-stars rating!Don’t be worried about the game difficulty. All you need to do is to follow the music, enjoy making a song of beat, and the popular pop songs editor!If you are a cat lover, and you are interested in piano and tile music games or any cute girl games, do not miss Musicat~Come drop the beat and play the magic cat music right now :-D🐈Meow! ฅ'ω'ฅGAME FEATURES🐾 Different cat skins! Each cat features different skin and costumes. Unlock all the skins and pick your favorite cat! 🐾 Popular pop songs level! Well-chosen popular songs are provided freely. 🐾 Cute cartoon style! Enjoy the cute cat images and animations especially for the girl games enthusiasts. Cats have prepared a special performance for you lovely fan. Enjoy their show. 🐾 Various interesting instruments!Tons of instruments that could be out of your imagination, besides the traditional ones like piano tile or mixer. Don’t you want to lose them? 🐾 Lots of free music scores!Learn about different popular scores. Improve your music sense. 🐾 Perfect cat game for cat lovers! If you are a cat lover, do not miss this game. You will never gonna know how cute your cat will be while it plays the instrument. 🐾 Good choice for music games players. Simple but interesting music games for you to challenge, as well as the DIY music part. 🐾 No need to connect internet! Free to play without internet. Drop the beat whenever you like.Meet the cats in the funny kitty world. (=^ ◡ ^=)

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