KIRI Engine v2.9.2release APK

KIRI Engine v2.9.2release APK

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  • App NameKIRI Engine
  • Category Photography
  • Versionv2.9.2release
  • Requirement 7.0 or higher
  • File Size105.27 MB
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App Description

Unleash the Power of 3D Scanning with KIRI Engine’s Advanced Photogrammetry and Neural Network:Create: Transform your smartphone or tablet into a potent 3D scanner with KIRI Engine. Create 3D models from objects and scenes using advanced photogrammetry, Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF), and Neural Surface Reconstruction (NSR).Precision Without LiDAR: Although most Android devices don't come with LiDAR sensors, with KIRI Engine, you won’t feel the difference. Our advanced algorithms ensure that the 3D models generated are of comparable quality, even without the actual LiDAR sensor. Dive into 3D scanning and modeling tailored for artists, designers, engineers, and 3D printing enthusiasts.A Delightful Scanning Experience:Capture: Condense your 3D modeling process down to minutes. Simply snap photos around your object, and let KIRI Engine handle the rest. Within minutes, receive both high poly and low poly versions, perfectly suited for preview and export.Cost-friendly: Ditch expensive 3D scanning equipment. With just your phone's built-in camera, you're set to scan, edit, and create!Edit, Refine, and Personalize Your Creations:Edit: Access intuitive mesh editing tools and refine your 3D models in the application. Experience lifelike renderings with AI-enhanced PBR materials.Cleanup: Our AI Object Masking technology allows for a clean model upon the initial generation, providing a 3D mesh without the noise generated by background elementsPreview: Employ the 3D viewer to directly visualize and adjust your completed model.Share, Export, and Utilize Your 3D Models:Share: Share your 3D models on platforms like Sketchfab, and Thingiverse, within our community, or on other social platforms.Formats: Export in various formats including OBJ, STL, FBX, GLTF, GLB, USDZ, PLY, XYZ, for seamless integration into platforms such as Blender 3D, Unreal Engine, Autodesk Maya, and more.KIRI Engine Pro – For Those Who Demand More:Upload: Pro users can leverage camera rolls, ensuring a flexible 3D scanning experience.Quad-Mesh Retopology: Refine scanned 3D models with automatic quad-mesh adjustment.AI-PBR Material Generation: Attain lifelike textures with AI-generated PBR materials.Advanced Camera System: Perfect each shot with fine-tuned camera settings for impeccable 3D scans.Featureless Object Mode: Utilizing the cutting-edge Neural Surface Reconstruction technology (NSR), this feature allows objects of shiny/reflective surfaces to be scannable, which is nearly impossible for traditional photogrammetry. KIRI Engine is the first 3D scanning software to introduce this technology to practical 3D scanning, ever.WEB Version Access: unleash the full potential of 3D scanning with the KIRI Engine Web version. Here, you can upload DSLR photo sets to create professional-grade models. Drone scans are a great way to explore the possibilities of this function as it allows you to create accurate mappings and drone-based 3D scanning surveys.Engage with Our Caring Community: our Discord community for sharing, feature voting, and engaging with fellow enthusiasts.Dive into 3D Scanning with KIRI Engine Today!Download the KIRI Engine 3D Scanner app and embark on your 3D scanning journey with your device.Privacy Policy: Of Service:

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